Dallas Fire-Rescue Capt. Chris Gadomski suffered severe burns and broken legs in a massive gas explosion in Oak Cliff in September 2021. With the help of his family, fellow firefighters, and care teams at UT Southwestern and Parkland hospitals, he never stopped fighting to return to active duty.

A day doesn’t go by without Capt. Gadomski thinking about what might have been. Or the many people who helped him along the way. “We could have been planning three funerals that day. Or I could have easily become a double amputee” he said. “But here I am and that is thanks in large part to the amazing care I received from the doctors, nurses, techs, physical therapists – everyone at Parkland and UT Southwestern.” He continues, “I was in really rough shape when I got there, but it was incredible how much compassion they had for all their patients,” he said. “Seeing that close up, it really gave me a new perspective. These are the real heroes.”

Capt. Gadomski and his crew from Lakewood Fire station paid Dr. Levi’s lab a visit to share their stories and hear our research. We are forever grateful for the connections made and the continued progress of Capt. Chris Gadomski’s healthcare journey.


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